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18 Years | 10+ Stockings | 30+ Year Old Carp

After taking over the lakes from the Nene and District Angling Club in 2001 it was soon obvious that the existing stock were proper Nene Valley Originals, good looking scaley, linear Mirrors and stunning chesnut Commons.

We have since fully secured the complex with 4 secure gates coded for just members and welcomed visitors 

While the complex is set in natural surroundings and really is nature at its best , Nature can also be very harmful to a fishery. 

To combat predation and Acts of GOD regularly stockings take place on the complex most winters. 

Not only have we purchased fish from the best British fish farms across the country: VS Fisheries, Fisher Pond , Priory , Carp 4 Re stocking to name a few.

Certainly the most exciting part of our future is we are now introducing home grown Ecton carp that we have grown from Eggs this is by far the best way and most exciting way for any fishery to protect its future and watching these carp grow is the most rewarding by far. 

We invest into our fishery year after year and for decades our fishery is run by anglers for anglers we do love what we do and to watch anglers smile is the best part of it all! 

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