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It is estimated that the stock of carp would be around 100 plus with a handful of Nene Valley originals mixed with stockings from Fishers Pond, Future Fisheries and VS Fisheries and now our very own Ecton bred carp. 


Original Mirrors and Commons have been caught to 47lbs including a stunning linear (as seen on the Home page) that has come out 46lb 12oz in 2019 the lake boasts typical Nene Valley Commons to near 40lb along with other mirrors who also break the magical mark.


Although 38 acres in size, it is not a large intimidating water, Ecton Lake has over 8 acres of islands running down the centre of the lake. All the swims are well spread and the islands give you your own water with no interference from opposite or neighbouring anglers and there is parking directly behind some of the swims.

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